Two-Seater Bean Bag Chairs

For extra room for you, or for a spot to get cozy with someone else, select a two-seater bean bag chair.

Two-Seaters are available in a kids' size and an adult size. Choose from more than a dozen fabric options. All two-seater bean bag chairs are filled with virgin polystyrene beans.

Adult 2-Seater Bean Bag Chair

Adult Two-Seater Bean Bag Chair

Enjoy more room for yourself or get cozy with someone else.
Kids' Two-Seater Bean Bag Chair

Kids' Two-Seater Bean Bag Chair

Great for siblings, friends, or just relaxing with your child!
Bean Bag Refill Beans

Bean Bag Refill Beans (2lbs)

Refill your bag with our top quality virgin polystyrene bean bag beans.